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It costs more to buy a plate of french fries in a fancy restaurant than it costs to enrich yourself spiritually. The choice is yours.

Hingori Sutras

Acclaimed as the land of spiritual masters, India is an incubator of enlightened minds. While the sacred scriptures and the writings of realised sages have been translated, they are either filled with jargon and heavy material or are too gimmicky to appear authentic. There is a need felt by the contemporary man to understand his spiritual roots, his true nature and the knowledge that creates spiritual mastery. So there is a clearly-identified void that needs to be filled.

Hingori Sutras are a series of 5 easy to read books that collectively distil the spiritual wisdom of ancient Indian masters. Ranked highly on Barnes & Noble and iTunes, these books address the need of both – the new age seeker and the hard core spiritualist. The Hingori Sutras are:  Karma Sutra, Aatma Sutra, Dream Sutra, Guru Sutra and Yog Sutra.

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Karma Sutra

This Book talks about the Types of Karma, Karmic Laws, Resulting Profits & Losses, Karmic Assets & Liabilities, Generation of Karmic Wealth, Carving out a Better Future, Serving Ancestors and finally Willing your Wealth to Yourself. The Pages are limited, the content unlimited. The meaning of the word Karma is known only superficially and yet it is an embeded code which shapes the trends of our destiny and accounts for the happening of most of the events of our lives. The book defines the Karmic Code in an easy to understand fashion. It helps you understand the doctrine of Karma in relation to your life. It spells out a set of recommended dos and don’ts that you should practice in order to improve your karmic wealth.

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Aatma Sutra

Aatma Sutra is an easy to read deconstructed version of the world’s most famous spiritual phrase ‘TAT TWAM ASI’ which means ‘YOU ARE THAT’ or in simple words, ‘You are as much a part of the Supreme Consciousness as any other human being who lived or will live on this planet’. The Book helps in understanding the multiplicity of the bodies that the human being carries from one life to another. It outlines the science of divinity within each human being and explains how most human beings are not capable of identifying with this divinity, and more significantly why.


Dream Sutra

Before you decide to read this book, do a self-check and ask yourself, ‘Do I dream?’ Most people dream every night and on an average, people have as many as several thousand dreams a year! Multiply that by your age and you have the math to show you how much of knowledge could have possibly been within your grasp if you had not resigned yourself to either ignoring or forgetting your dreams. This book dwells upon the experiences of some spiritually advanced people who used their dreams as beacons to perceive hidden realms. The intent in revealing their secrets is the hope that you too may learn to connect with your higher consciousness.


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This book has inspired me to spiritual path. The book is very well written. Its a must read for all.

Praveen - (Review from Amazon)

This book does not only aid you in discovering yourself, it also shows you ways of how to love yourself intrinsically. The appeal of the text is not only limited to a religious person, but extends to agnostics and even atheists.

Customer - (Review from Amazon)

Every line in your book needs to be pondered on and then see how it connects to me. Thank you.

Minakshi Sarna - India

I am really impressed with this book. Thank you.

Mohan Lal - Fiji

Thank you for the Aatmasutra. It has a lot of depth in it. There are many things that I don't understand. The few experiences you have written about with Gurudevjee are so interesting. I 'want' to practise what i understood. I hope i am successful. Thank you. I hope you write more books in the future!

Seema Kapur - India

I read your book Karma Sutra and liked it immensely.Your book seems quite simple and easy- to-understand on the surface but obviously calls for a lot of reflection and contemplation to get a reasonable synthesis of the contents. Thank you.

Smita Roy - India

I loved this book. It changed my outlook to daily living. It taught me how I have the power to make a difference to my life, not only while I am alive but even after I am dead. Life's balance sheet could be so simple to maintain, is a thought that never crossed my mind until the book helped me understand the karmic assets & liabilities we accrue daily. I'd recommend this book for a read, not once but twice. Take away its nuggets, just as I did.

Georgy Bhalla - Editor, Tathastu

Your first book on karma was amazing and I was so impressed that I took the effort to track you down and reach you. Aatma Sutra is also very enlightening. Thank you for letting me have a copy.

Hiroo Harjani - United Kingdom

One of my friends referred me to your website. Thanks for your valuable contribution to the man-kind in making available invaluable spiritual knowledge.

Ravindra Dhabolkar - India

After reading Karma Sutra by the same author, I was curious and excited to read the second book. All I can say is that it exceeded all my expectations. Easy to read synopsis of new and ancient wisdom presented in a manner that makes it easy to absorb and 'suck-up' like a sponge!

Sumanth Bajaj - India