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The Drop in the Ocean

The famous Sufi poet, Rumi, once wrote “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are an entire ocean in a drop.

If we are the ocean why do we feel so incomplete and insignificant? Why do we suffer from a spiritual identity crisis? Why do we feel so small, so worthless sometimes?

Why Do We Feel This Way?

Spiritualists talk about our real nature being that of “Sat Chit Anand” – a state of complete bliss. It isn’t the bliss derived from material pleasures, worldly success and fame but an acceptance that you are a manifestation of the supreme consciousness – that you are no different from the gods you worship. So why is it that you are continuously seeking a sense of significance without?

A person identifying with the Jeevatma is like an ocean identifying itself with a drop in the infinite liquid mass. With such a limited perception of itself, how much bigger can the picture get for that drop? A drop sees itself as a small speck in the ocean and it will always feel small in comparison to the ocean that is made up of trillions of gallons of water.

It cannot feel significant enough and it cannot feel its own depth, hence it suffers from an identity crisis which makes it continuously seek significance through external stimuli to find the light within itself.

Perceiving Everything As A Part Of A Whole:

So how does one overcome this identity crisis? Firstly, we need to realize the nature of cosmic energy without which you cannot identify with any ocean or any whole. So the concept of realization is necessary to get to a point where you recognize yourself as a whole rather than a dot.


Once you recognize that you are indeed an ocean, how do you comprehend it? How do you begin to condition the mind to believe it? This is where the process of learning, studying spiritual teachings and scriptures; and practicing the philosophy comes into play.

Once you perceive everything as a part of a whole, as being no different from the fabric of the supreme consciousness, you will conclude that you are the ocean with the perceived identity of a drop. With that conclusion, you will no longer seek significance as a drop because of the awareness that it is only a play – a perception and not the reality.

So stop seeking significance in wealth, in finding fame, in travel, in the likes you get on social media. You are far greater than the drop you’ve limited yourself to. You are the ocean unto yourself. So start believing it!


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