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The Way You Should be Looking At Death: Don’t Fear It, Embrace It.

We’ve all lost people whom we loved, to death. We’ve seen their bodies, once healthy and strong, wither away. Many of us have heard them mouth regrets when their end was near. Regrets of what they didn’t do and what they should have done.   When terminally ill patients were asked about their biggest regret in life, most of them said that they regretted wasting time chasing the wrong things. They didn’t do things that added REAL value to their life. By the time they had this epiphany, it was too late to affect any change. Their time had run out. We are all here, in this physical realm, on borrowed time. Some of us have a little longer to live than others but almost all of us are unsure about the length of the stay. Yet, we live like we have all the time in the world. As if we’ve come here packaged in a bottle with no expiry date. When you are staring at the inevitability of death like a terminally ill patient does, all the money that you spent your time amassing, can’t buy you more time. Nothing can.   Don't Fear Death, Embrace It We look at death with great fear....

Loving Yourself in the Age of Anxiety and Depression

The human mind experiences around 50,000 thoughts each day. Pretty crazy, right? An untrained mind usually tries to dig into each and every thought that comes to mind- be it compartmentalizing them into good and bad or thinking for hours on end about why you’re having them in the first place. How can we learn to step away from our thoughts and be more at ease with what we’re dwelling on? It’s quite simple: you need to observe or watch your thoughts rather actively participating with each and every one. Be like a traffic cop whose job is to ensure cars go by, and make sure a traffic jam does not take place. The lesser the cars accumulate, the easier the traffic cop’s job becomes, and the happier the car owner’s lives are.   Dealing with Negative Thoughts Stop reading this right now and reflect on the week you just had. Don’t we think more of the negative and stressful events rather than the positive ones? This lack of positivity in our lives is one of the greatest issues we face today, especially in a country like ours, where there’s always an added source of stress- be it the overcrowded streets, family pressures,...