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Dream Sutra

This book chronicles the experiences of many people who were helped and healed, guided and communicated with, by the dreamer within themselves – their spirit or astral body.

The unifying thread between these many people was that they had a common Guru – someone who could travel out-of-body at will, heal people and even provide insights into their future. The greatest tribute to this Guru is that he moulded his disciples also into Gurus, thereby attaining a universal status of a Mahaguru, i.e. a teacher of Gurus.

The fact that even 25 years after his death, this Mahaguru can still communicate and guide his devotees and disciples via their dreams, lends itself to deepening our exploration of the spiritual realms as well as after-death existence.

The anecdotal content dotting this book’s landscape leads you into recognising the power of the dream language so that the metaphorical leads into the metaphysical.

The question is – are you ready to believe in the power of dreams?




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